A NEW Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths after schools club. Based on the premise of re-purpose and reused of what other regard as junk. The idea is to create a web site and badge system to allow the club members to gain new skills and knowledge and award the knowledge or skill gained by award a badge. STEAM Punks will utilise the Trash to Cash Knowledge Base to develop enjoyable educational projects that the children to us to learn new skills and knowledge.
These projects will be accessible to club members and organiser(leaders). Leaders will go through a training scheme and must be either STEM ambassadors, teachers or have CRB checks completed.
The training will show them how to use the online system and register members etc. Leaders can add new projects to the system but these will be quality checked by the STEAM punks core team to make sure they are appropriate and identify the level which should be awarded.

Badges and Award Systems

The idea would be to have specific badge designs for skills in specific categories:
Science – Square
Technology – Hexagon
Engineering – Diamond(parallelogram)
Art – Oval (ellipse)
Maths – Circle

Then specific subject in these area will have symbols associated with then and levels of skill much like in martial arts belts. Initially these badges will be in electronic format only and we will align them with the open badges standards but we would like to see them created as actual badges similar to those shown below. Utilising Studio Pops REPLASTICO Technology as the backing materials.
An example of a possible project is that of the Diddly Bow.